Stops has a mission of helping companies help people find the closest products nearest them (like medicines and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream :).

During Covid and major catastrophes like hurricanes, we all hunt for the closest test kits, medicines, products (i.e. household goods and emergency generators), and even the closest services (barbers, accountants and attorneys). Especially when we travel, we’re  looking for the closest products and solutions that meet our needs and tastes. So why not your favorite nearby ice cream?

First of all, let’s ask: why doesn’t Google show us the products nearest to us? Moreover, why doesn’t Coca Cola provide us with a plug-in to their app that helps us find the closest Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke nearest us?

Stops’ platform is addressing solutions for all of this, allowing for product manufacturers and/or distributors and even the store owners to list the locations for products, so that customers can search for them nearby.

In this Scenario, we analyzed both the Ben & Jerry’s cases to show how we can help companies like these improve their product value, searchability and user experience. Ben & Jerry’s is one of those chains similar to our Starbucks scenario and T-Mobile scenario where they not only have (franchise) store locations but also sell directly to or have distributors that deliver their products to numerous retailers, down to local corner stores.

With Stops, product manufacturers like Ben & Jerry’s can get:

  1. A more robust white-label store location finder and product location finder.
  2. Alternative ways to import all of their known product locations and geofence those locations (via import, scraping or API).
  3. A fresh way to discover locations where their product exists to produce engaging experiences for their customers, wherever their product is served  . 
  4. An instant way to add an AR experience at every known location, or a select portion of locations (eg. targeted regions or cities).
  5. On-location customer feedback. The customer can scan a QR code on the packaging to unlock a coupon, product instructions, or an AR model confirming the product’s existence at the location.
  6. Real Social Engagement through rewards and geo-alerts that literally drives traffic to the locations where their products are served.

Are you a product creator or distributor with multiple product locations? Feel free to contact us to for a full demo.

Ben & Jerry's