Stops can provide a more secure alternative for helping people find the closest Starbucks to them, discovering on-location coupons and igniting rewards.

Stops’ geospatial search technology and team can aggregate, geofence and add an AR + magical coupon experience above any brand’s store locations in less than 48-hours. 

This scenario deals with huge companies that have multiple brands, products, services, locations and businesses on a global scale. One of the best examples for such a company is Starbucks – the world’s largest multinational chain of coffeehouses.

Starbucks is not yet an ‘official partner’ but we took the liberty of aggregating 30,277 Starbucks locations to prove the point in this Stops Scenario, and provide an example for Retail brands.

Sure, sometimes you can find a Starbucks just based on the smell nearby. However, most of the time you need a map. So, assuming that you love Starbucks, you might always want to find the closest Starbucks around you. You might also be the type of person that doesn’t like to use apps that log your activities on maps, so you have all the more incentive to use Stops which lets you find, navigate to and interact with any Starbucks location, with privacy.

But you may want to go one step further. You might be such an aficionado that you  want to also receive updates when new Starbucks store locations are added and opt-in for ‘on-location’ deals/coupons every time you’re in the vicinity of a Starbucks branch, or alternative locations like Barnes & Noble which serve the Starbucks brand on location. 

You might also like to see other nearby stores and/or hotels that carry Starbucks products, and even make better travel decisions based on the presence or vicinity of the Starbucks brand. You might even want to add that stop into your travel plans and include it in your itinerary (read about Stops’ Collections).

To summarize, Stops can help any major retail food chain like Starbucks:

  1. Add geo-coupons to all or only some of their locations
  2. Customize their AR experiences on location
  3. Add locations within locations, for example automatic connection to WiFi, contactless codes to restrooms or nearby parking facilities within any of their business geofences.
  4. Surprise their followers/subscribers with geo-surprises whenever their customer is near their location or searching for a nearby coffee solution.
  5. Show geospatially on a map “other locations” where their product is served outside of their chain restaurants, for example their coffee products are sold in a variety of grocery stores, globally.

Tip: You can subscribe to Starbucks on Stops. Just open Stops, search for “Starbucks” and click Subscribe to see all of their locations on your maps and in your Search results.

Starbucks Scenario