“Stops’ geospatial technology is helping propel T-Mobile into the metaverse and the world of Augmented Reality, allowing for cutting-edge interactions with T-Mobile store and product locations.”

In this Stops scenario, we’ll address how Stops technology can fuel franchises and retail chains. 

In most cases, franchises and retail giants do not have a quick go-to list for their store locations. If they offer a store locator on their website or app, it’s usually ‘just sufficient’ or ‘deficient.’

Even moreso, most franchises and retail chains that carry signature products (like Starbucks or T-Mobile refill cards), which are sold by other retailers, typically do not have a list of all of the locations where their product is served.

Simply put, any franchise or product manufacturer that does not maintain a basic address list of their store and product locations is completely unattached from the current digital world and totally unprepared for the metaverse.

The metaverse will prove to be a new powerful force that will bring about a renewal of traffic to local retailers. To best engage with customers and new prospective customers across the new digital & AR worlds (the metaverse), franchises and retail giants will need a unique dashboard and tools that let them access, segment, promote and advertise to locations.

For this Stops Scenario, we teamed up with T-Mobile to better understand how we can help franchises create a home for all of their addresses and syndicate magical ‘on-location’ experiences’ to those locations:

  1. First, we aggregated all T-Mobile store locations (all 6806 of them), so that they appear correctly across our search engine.
  2. We then discovered thousands of more additional product locations where their product is served.
  3. We turned each location into a ‘smart location’ with its own unique x/y/z.
  4. We syndicated an AR experience to each location.
  5. Anyone can subscribe to T-Mobile on Stops and access their store locations and get special deals/coupons whenever they’re near a T-Mobile stop.
  6. Anyone standing at the T-Mobile store can see a video of Miley Cyrus singing on location in Augmented Reality.
  7. When entering the store, the AR experience changes to a video explaining Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Spaces glasses, which will soon be on demo and for sale at many T-Mobile locations.
  8. When the user puts on the AR glasses they automatically see an AR experience, powered by Stops, on location.

By teaming up with Stops, T-Mobile has been able to auto-geofence all of its locations and provide a meaningful AR experience on-location for their customers. Additionally, through our partnership T-Mobile can now better understand all of their product locations that exist among partnering stores, revealing new opportunities and new ways to engage with their customers on-location.