December 31, 2019

We’ve closed out the year with many new great features for our product such as Where! mag,  as well as working demos for Apple CarPlay , Apple Watch and new UX improvements for our Android and iOS products.

However, there’s no greater validation for your product than when ‘extraordinary’ people put up their hard-earned money and invest in your future. That’s why the hi-tech industry calls such early-startup investors ‘angels’…because they really, truly are just that. 

We’re extremely appreciative of all our investors, and to finish 2019 with a “chai,” well, that’s just something you just have to blog about.

If you’re a qualified angel or early-stage investor, please visit our new Investor website ( so that we can prepare an investment package and provide a private, live demo for you.

What’s stopping you? Invest in the next great startup to emerge out of Israel: