Content is all around us.

Like all the great museums of the world, even the objects in the very room you are sitting, have geo-positions and stories that link back to places in time. 

Stops’ mission is not only let you discover the closest relevant content around you in context like Wikipedia articles, Yelp Reviews and more, but also to empower you with the ability to inject your geo-based content into the world around you.

We strongly believe that every storable form of digital media should have a geotag (even Word files), and we think users want the ability to travel and contextualize their media in new ways.  For example, Stops now lets users add a geo-position for any YouTube video. Thanks to Stops, you can now stand in a location and discover YouTube videos, movies or any news reel that were filmed at that very location and see it in context.

By giving users the tools they need for crowdsourcing “time and place” content, communities can create new forms of filtered travel experiences, where members can travel physically or virtually through any set of stops.

Imagine driving up the East Coast of the United States and stopping from stop to stop through the lens of the American Revolution, or by stopping by or near every public building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? Or, how about just finding the closest bathroom stop? That becomes your journey…your purpose for Search.

At Stops, we believe that content is the driving force behind travel…not necessarily travel in the form of ‘vacationing’ per se, but where content becomes the driving force that takes you anywhere.

Article by Eitan Chamberlin, Founder