Travel Agencies, operators and travelers can all benefit from Stops’ geospatial and geosocial tools.

Travel professionals and travelers really need an ecosystem of their own. They need an all-in-one platform, a combination of LinkedIn, Slack, Google Maps, Drive and TripAdvisor that allows them to be able to communicate professionally with their colleagues and their clients, and keep other messengers and channels like Messenger/Whatsapp set aside for their more private lives.

Stops provides this full suite solution for Travel professionals and their travelers.

  • Create geo-based content (private, shared, public)
  • Create 3D itineraries (Collections) and share them with clients.
  • Geo-socially connect with clients via your Wall and subscriber alerts.
  • Get better quality control – instant messaging and location sharing with customers.
  • Create unlimited private public chat groups for clients/groups/customers
  • Offer Augmented Reality experiences and content (anything – docs, audios, maps and more) that automatically load up on location.
  • Monetize from your client en route (without any commission)
  • Create a geo-social bond with the customer, keeping them in the loop on future travel opportunities.
  • Win your customers’ hearts with a travel ecosystem that keeps their privacy at center.
  • Export all of your data at anytime

Are you a inbound travel operator or travel agency? Feel free to contact us to for a full demo.