Influencers use Stops

Stops encourages influencers to reveal and share the actual public locations WHERE they create their content,  feel inspired, perform and endorse their favorite products.

Influencers (the Seinfeld Scenario)

Finally, thanks to Stops, influencers can leverage “the power of location” to connect with their audiences and even monetize, on-location.

Location is everything. It’s the setting for the story. It’s what make things real and gives context to any artist’s creation. It also debunks “fake news.”

Think of the stories of ancient Greek philosophers and great leaders who once walked about with their students and followers, pointing to objects and places, providing real world examples to better help their followers understand.

With Stops, you can connect anything to any location and share it with your followers. 

For example, if you have a YouTube video or song on Spotify, and want to share the location where you shot, filmed, sung or simply was inspired, you can share it with your fans you can give immediate context to your creation.

If you’re a performer, you can also share all of the locations of your performances and connect any data you want to share (or even keep private) that’s connected to those locations.

Note: You can also share audio files, documents, links and even coupons this way, using Stops.

Even better, if your fans subscribe to Stops, whenever they are near that location they’ll get a notification encouraging them to visit the location of your video. When they arrive on location, they’ll be able to discover the exact location of your creation (even if it’s up a tree) using a variety of tools Stops offers,  from holding up your phone and viewing the location in Augmented Reality, to viewing it and walking to it using powerful 3D maps. Features like our built-in Altimeter and Compass also can help users triangulate those hard-to-find locations, sometimes off the beaten trail.

One good example of a stop is that of Jerry Seinfeld. In his Netflix special “Jerry Before Seinfeld,” Jerry shares with us the exact location on a corner in Manhattan where he had the epiphany of becoming a comedian.

Thanks to Stops, many people can now find this exact unmarked location down to the micro x/y/z and sit where Jerry sat (on a window ledge) and relive what happened to him at the very moment in time (and place). 

In effect, if Jerry wanted to create his own stop at the same location and share more extended details about it, he could expand his fanbase for Premium content that unlocks Premium content only on-location. He could further monetize by offering links to checkouts – because there’s nothing like selling your product on-location, and in context. His fans would further love him, because he’s provided a very secure and non-tracking way to help his followers get to his exclusive location-based content.

This is what we internally call the “Mickey Mouse” or “Ball Park” effect. It’s estimated that over 50% of visitors to Disney World will buy something Mickey-related while at Disney and over 90% of visitors will wear something Disney related while visiting a Disney theme park. Bottom line is: people will often go at great expense to get to a location, will often dress up for a location, will endorse a location, and especially pay more for a souvenir on location.

If you’re an influencer, you can get started today using Stops simply by copying and pasting links for your content to the locations where you created them so that your fanbase can get to those locations (without being tracked) and experience your media, on location! 

It takes less than 10 seconds to “create a stop” and to start influencing in-context. So what’s stopping you? 

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Influencers use Stops