“Stops is creating the next generation of geospatial technology that will help the Yellow Pages compete, once again.”

Stops’ mission is not only to help people find local landmarks and businesses, but also to find the closest content, products and coupons nearest them, with full GDPR-compliance.

In this Stops Scenario, we teamed up with Yellow Pages to better understand how we can help their local businesses drive more people into their store locations by offering magical 3D experiences at those locations.

For more than sixty years, the Yellow Pages of Portugal has been a leading business directory and marketing agency, helping companies in Portugal to promote and monetize their businesses locations.

Within one generation, humans went from scouring through printed Yellow Pages books and using printed maps to get to a local business or address, to just typing-in or speaking-in an address and pressing a button to get there, with real-time updates and alternative route options along the way.

But now, thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) and a geospatial platform like Stops, even those Google methods of searching and navigating are starting to look outdated. Search is becoming more geospatial and more passive (search comes to you), and thus can be faster, more contextual and more engaging, than ever before.

Stops offers its businesses powerful plugins that keep the customer’s privacy at center. This is an attractive service for many businesses like the Yellow Pages, because finally businesses have an ecosystem like Stops to help their customers navigate to and from locations without being tracked, making their company more GDPR-compliant and customer-considerate.

The Yellow Pages indeed never were obliterated by Google. Oppositely, many of them, like the Yellow Pages of Portugal, have thrived and evolved into successful local search and a portal for business services for thousands of customers.

Now, by leveraging Stops technology, the Yellow Pages once again can offer their customers a more cutting-edge presence across Search and Mapping Systems to better drive customers to their businesses (and/or their product locations) and interact with their smart locations.

Here’s how this Stops Scenario works from the user perspective:

  1. The Yellow Page customer is standing near a business in Portugal.
  2. If the Stops app is already installed, the customer gets a push notification or a magical AR experience belonging to the nearby business, on their device.
  3. If the customer has no idea about Stops, the customer can scan a QR code in the window of the business, allowing the customer to instantly access the location’s Business details.
  4. The customer engages with an AR experience or unlocks a coupon or ‘smart service’ for the location. The customer can unlock parking, restrooms, WIFI and more.
  5. The customer clicks “Follow” or “Subscribe” or “Save address” which prompts them to download the Stops app, landing them on the business’ Wall.
  6. The customer opts-in to receive ongoing coupons, on-location experiences and ‘contactless’ services provided by the local business.
  7. The customer sometimes sees contextual ads from their favorite businesses that lead them back to the store location or a nearby product location for their favorite brand.
  8. The customer can navigate to and from any x/y/z  location provided by the business with GDPR-compliance.


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