QA – “Quality Assurance” is a massive undertaking for startups. You literally have to test your app on hundred of versions and devices. each with its own reliances on sensors. Before you know it, you’re going crazy. No startup can do it alone.

This past year, Stops teamed-up with SV College in Tel Aviv, Israel.  In this voluntary program, new SV College QA graduates get to learn first-hand, how to mine problems, debut and test new rollouts.

This collaboration is a win-win for both of our companies, as well as the students who leave the internship with a leg-up and endorsement for their new job in the tech world. 

On November 25, Stops kicked off a new round with a dozen graduate students from SV College in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Post-Script. Out of the recent effort, we’re happy to say that we’re expanding our QA team to the entire public. Now, all users can Report a Bug instantly with us, and share screenshots and more to help us improve the platform.