Father’s Day, June 16 2019.

And just like that, our product went officially live to the world. 

After nearly 3 years of R&D, and countless challenges of operating on a shoestring budget, we’ve pulled off  the world’s first geo-based cloud, search engine, content creator & messenger, all rolled up into one.

We hope you enjoy the power that you now have at your fingertips!

With Stops, you can connect anything to anywhere on the planet. And when you do so, something magical happens.

Your own private content gets context from lots of other great content providers like Wikipedia, Yelp, Google Places, Social Meetups, YouTube videos, Spotify songs, Zillow statistics (coming soon), Fandango Movies (coming sooner) and more.

Stops is a great tool for not just understanding what’s around you (#freetoilet or the closest Wikipedia article near you), for traveling internationally (check out our Collections feature), but also becomes a great research tool for Education and Real Estate. 

We believe that you should be able to easily get-to content, and that’s why we’re building unique ways to access your cloud based geo-data from smart devices, automobiles, and even the good old-fashioned web, so that you can virtually or physically get to digital content.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out soon our new Drop Music feature, which lets people connect geo-positions to songs to connect where they can tell the stories of where they were written, performed, or, in some cases, caused a revolution.

We’re excited to bring to the world a new kind of search engine (“Discover”). We think that search should be passive, free of bias, and should be purely geo-based, so that you can get to the facts more plain and simple and in context.

We truly hope that you enjoy Stops, its many use cases, and the exciting journey to come. 


For Android devices, please download from the Play Store.

For iOS devices, download from the App Store.