Stops AI has launched!

Here’s 4 ways you can leverage AI using Stops.

Stops AI has launched

Upgrade to iOS (version 4.7) or Android device (version 3.8).

Note: Some features may not be available on Android yet, but we’re working on it.

Area View (with AI)

Area View is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Ask the AI assistant specific historical questions like “Who’s the leader” or “What’s the population” and millions of other facts
  • See the weather and check out live public cams that might be in that area
  • Sort through different areas (polygons) around you or your spoofed search
Stops' Area View with AI

AI Assistant (“Stoppy”) – beta

Instead of typing your search in Discover, talk to “Stoppy” our AI assistant (Beta).

Just click on the orange AI button in the Search Bar to try.

  • give commands like “Take me to Rome”
  • ask questions like “Where was Elvis born?” or “Are there any stops related to Elvis?”

Create a stop image (via AI)

Now you can leverage the power of Open AI and add a default image for your stop.

Click on the + button to create a stop. Select the Add media icon (2nd from left) and Create an image (AI).

  • Create an image based on your description
  • Create an image based on prompts
Creating a stop image with AI

Translate any stop (via AI)

Whenever you visit a stop that is written in foreign language other than in your device settings, Stops loads up the Translator.

Click on Translate stop to watch the magic.

Stops Translation
Stops AI has launched