In our April 1, 2020 update for Stops (coming in just a few days!), we’re unleashing some new layers and social features for our Android and iOS apps (See below for more screenshots).

Now, Stops’ users can:

  • Subscribe to other Stops users and follow their public and shared stops they share with the public on their Wall. 
  • Access new Settings options that give you full control over the details you display to Stops users and how your own Wall appears.  To access your Wall, just click on your own thumbnail on the side menu to access your own Wall. Remember, only YOU can see your Private stops on you Wall. If marked Shared, only you and those friends can see those stops on your and their Walls. And if your stops are Public, then any Stops user can seem them on your Wall.
  • Upgrade to a Creator account (from your Settings – Edit Profile Area). By becoming an official ‘Creator’, you’ll gain some powerful new ways to market your personality, business or brand, such as the ability to customize your Augmented Reality experience and the products you market in the form of stops across the search engine. As an early adopter, you’ll have the chance to test-spin this for at least 6 months until we start charging a small monthly fee for some of these powerful tools, services and increased storage space we’re offering to businesses.
  • Control and organize your filters. Now, when you subscribe to another Stops user or business, you’ll see their filter appear in Discover filters area. If the person/filter has content in the area you are searching in, then their filter will be lit up. If they do not supply content in your search area, then their filter will appear grayed.
  • Search, add, edit and organize filters easily through drag and drop or multiple display options.
  • Create filter groups. Example: If you have a group of “Friends” or “Family” or “X Company” you subscribe to, you may want to add them to a special group, which you can turn on/off as a whole to filter out results throughout the search engine. The future of Augmented Reality depends on great ‘passive filtering’ as now fully displayed in the app.
  • Share stops far more quickly via our new sharing feature. Find a stop, share it with another stops member, and you’ll see how we’ve improved the UX and speed for sharing stops to your messaging groups.
  • Pop a Stop. In 3D mode Discover, now when you latch onto to a floating bubble above its geo-position, the main object pops out of the bubble. This we feel is a more responsible way of displaying local public content.

Hope you enjoy the new version, as well as some of our new Where! stops, like Where the Coronavirus most likely originated from!

We improved our ‘Searching from’ box, which was totally confusing to even us before! Note the new Filters icon on the top right helps you organize your filters.
When you click on the Filters icon, you’ll see how we’ve built a way for you to control and organize your ‘filters.’ Again, a filter is any person, business or API you subscribe to across the platform.
The challenges here have been immense, but we think we’ve finally cracked it. The future of Augmented Reality is not just how much content you can deliver, but how well you can filter it!
This is a screenshot of a user’s Wall, which adds a huge social component to the application. When you subscribe to someone or a business, you’ll then see their ‘filter’ in your Filters area in Discover.
Basic users have some new Settings that help them control their Wall and how information is displayed to the public. Easy toggle turn on/off switches keep the data fully in your control. Any data you do enter that is toggled Off is still private data and Stops does not share any private data with anyone. Stops strives fully to be a leader in GDPR-compliance.
Users who upgrade for free (at least 6 months free) have lots of more settings and controls at their fingertips, including how to brand their presence throughout the search engine.
Businesses can really do some amazing things now by letting their customers have the ability to aggregate their locations, and access specific data shared with them only from those locations. This really can serve as a ‘near’-white-label solution for most businesses, because with one tap of the filter, you can filter the entire search engine through the eyes of the that one filter.
Kudos out to Sviat who redesigned our share feature that speeds things up when you discover new stops and share them with other Stops members.