New Android Version and iPhone version are LIVE in the stores. 



Best Versions ever…with some big fixes and improvements like:

  • You can now long press on any message in your Cube’s messenger feed and Reply, Forward, Copy, Download or Share it outside the app.
  • You can now access our Help website from the menu area
    We added over 10,000 new geo-based Yelp reviews in North America.
  • We’ve significantly reduced battery heating issues across most devices.
  • We improved the speed of thumbnail caching and seeing search results in Discover mode’s results list.
  • We expanded the Liked feature so that you can see all of your Liked stops across an entire region.
  • We fixed a buggy thumbnail of the user in the side menu for Android devices. That one was embarrassing. 
  • We fixed bugs in the Cubes list that was not refreshing properly users who have a super long list.
  • More synchronizations between Android and iOS devices. Users can seamlessly use the same account on both platforms, at the same time.
  • We added Japanese language composing and editing to the system.
  • Pilot partners can now create stops from their desktops in an early beta Web Version release.
  • Business Hours for Drop a Stop feature was drastically improved.

Coming soon from our lab…Fandango: the closest movies around you, every time you stop.